Warnick and Associates provides emergency management and disaster preparedness consulting services for businesses, schools, houses of worship, non-profit organizations, government entities, and the general public. Our services are based on proven and widely accepted practices, principles, and standards in emergency management. If it involves a physical emergency, we know how to reduce the negative effects. We use time proven and researched based methods to help you prepare to survive and possibly even thrive in the midst of chaos.

     Our competent staff members have real world experience, advanced governmental and trade organization certifications, and most of our associates have advanced educations in Emergency Management or related fields. This allows us to provide a thorough evaluation with a 360-degree view of your project. We learn your needs and put the most experienced and qualified team member (or members) on your project. We have the people, the knowledge, the skills, and the experience you need to guide you in how to be prepared for the worst.

     Our staff will evaluate your risks, your vulnerabilities, and the threats and then provide custom mitigation measures to help diminish them based on data driven results. Whether you want a review of your current disaster plan, to design a new annex, or even if you need to start from the beginning, we are your company! Even better yet, because of our vast experience your project is completed quicker with less expense. If per chance we haven’t listed the service on this website that you are looking for, send us an email or give us a phone call. If we don’t have the expertise we will flat out tell you so! We will then point you in the direction of someone that does have that expertise. We believe it is more important to make sure you are properly prepared and protected and less about who leads you to that point!