Our staff has a wide range of experience and education. In some cases, our associates names will not be listed because they actively work for a government agency which does not allow their name to be advertised but they are allowed to consult. As you will see, we offer a large range of expertise in emergency management.

Cleo Warnick BSc. (Founder/CEO)

Cleo is a former fire and EMS responder. For six years she helped to manage a charity that provided fire, EMS, and emergency management equipment to rural fire departments that were underfunded. Along with others, she assisted in providing over $36 million of used equipment to approximately 850 fire departments. During Hurricane Katrina she played an integral role in helping to facilitate rebuilding fire departments in Hancock County MS. She has an honors undergraduate degree in psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in applied research. Her plans are to progress to a doctoral. Her research interests are the psychology of disasters and post-traumatic stress, associated stigmatization and social constraints on seeking intervention.

Mark S. Warnick Ph.D. (Strategist/Chief Consultant)

Dr. Warnick is a disabled United States Air Force veteran who has over 25 years in the fire service and (consecutively) 17 years in emergency management. He has earned a BSc. in public safety with a concentration in emergency management, an MSc. in Public Safety with a concentration in emergency management and a specialization in fire service administration, and a Ph.D. in emergency management; he maintained a 4.0 GPA in all of those degrees. During Dr. Warnick's years in public safety, he spoke before members of congress, won the Stihl National Forestry Hero award, the International Association of Emergency Managers Student of the Year award, and was the founder and Executive Director of a non-profit benefiting underfunded fire departments. He was involved in the response to many major disasters and managed four strike teams during Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Warnick is an active social research scientist whose research interests include how to improve emergency management for Access and Functional Needs populations (disabled, elderly, etc.), managing spontaneous responders, mitigating active shooter situations, and other gaps in emergency management and the fire service. Dr. Warnick is currently writing a book on managing emergency’s and disasters with plans to write a book on protecting Access and Functional Need individuals in a disaster. Mark is currently a course developer and teaches graduate classes for Tennessee Technical University. He is regularly a guest lecturer at colleges and universities as well as houses of worship. Dr. Warnick has over 130 FEMA certifications, over 40 fire and EMS certifications, numerous state emergency management certifications, and regularly attends conferences and training symposiums to deepen his knowledge of the field, He brings a common sense approach with a scholarly background.

Michael Brown Ph.D. (Senior Consultant)

Note: Not the former FEMA Director

Dr. Michael Brown is the president of the non-profit think-tank, One World One Way, Inc. [O.W.O.W. Foundation] located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Brown is a former United States Air Force officer with experience as an intelligence specialist, combat crew nuclear weapons officer and special assistant to several commanders. He possesses a Ph.D. in Public Safety with a specialization in emergency management, a Masters in Humanities with a specialization in Emergency Management, a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration and A.S. in Intelligence and Imagery Analysis. The non-profit policy institute conducts communications analysis (Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Mandarin), threat hazard identification and risk assessments (THIRAs) and reviews policies related to the emergency management (EM), and advises on policy and functionality of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Dr. Brown has served as a committee advisor for doctoral students and assisted them with researching such topics as enhancing preparedness for the disabled, PPD-8 (National Preparedness, Response, Prevention, Protection, Mitigation and Recovery), the Stafford Act, PPD-21 and the National Incident Management System's (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS). Dr. Brown has given presentations at the National Fire Protection Association’s National Convention and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ Story National Convention. He has briefed numerous senior flag and general officers on highly sensitive intelligence methods (GPS/GIS, SSDS, etc.) and national security issues. His special interests are theoretical and conceptual influence of perception of risk communications on the underprivileged and most vulnerable populations as perception relates to martial law and civil disobedience, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) integration within the national airspace and the whole community infrastructure.  Dr. Brown holds a certification in critical infrastructure protection with FEMA.

George E. Kezerle Jr. MSc., OHST, (Associate Consultant/Educator)

George is a retired United States Navy veteran with 23 years of service. George has over 40 years of diversified experience in Safety, Health, Environmental and Emergency Management affairs, working from the deck plates through management levels in public and private sectors, as well as a consultant. His duties included development, implementation and administration of programs, policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) designed to reduce or eliminate associated hazards and risks encountered in both public and private sectors. In the military, he was a qualified emergency response leader and a hazardous material responder. In the public sector, he assisted the city and county emergency managers in the operation of shelters for hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, & Ike. He was a member of the LEPC for the county where hazardous material release planning and county wide emergency notification system was controlled. In the private sector Mr. Kezerle has experience in Emergency HAZMAT Responder, Emergency Planning Coordinator, and Emergency Management.  He also has experience in Remediation and Management of Solid and Liquid Hazardous Wastes, Spill Prevention, and Transportation of Hazardous Materials. In the Public and Private Sector Mr. Kezerle has done critical infrastructure analysis and planning. He has developed programs addressing workplace violence, armed intruder, and bomb threats.  Mr. Kezerle has over 25 years experience in industrial training; plus over 16 years at a Technical College teaching Safety, Health, Environmental, and Emergency Management college level courses.  He has developed and presented hundreds of training courses over the years.

Jeanette (Jet) Holt MSc. AEM (Associate Consultant/Educator)

Jeanette earned a Master of Arts in Homeland Security and separately a Master of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management. She has completed over 50 FEMA certifications and worked as an educator for non-profit organizations and colleges, including Oklahoma State and other universities.  She also has substantial experience in emergency management for a large retail store.

Jeanette was part of spearheading the Pandemic and Business Continuity plan for Walmart Stores, and was the liaison when an outside firm was hired to integrate the plan. During Hurricane Katrina, she volunteered to assist Walmart Associates and their families by being one of the team members that directed them to the proper available resources. She also participated in the TopOff 3 Exercise, a multi-jurisdictional full scale exercise, and was the team lead for the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) for a specific building; all of these were performed at Walmart Headquarters. Simultaneously she volunteered with the Benton County Emergency Management Office-Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and obtained the Train-the-Trainer certification. Jet has served multiple years on the International Association of Emergency Managers conference committee, helping to plan an annual international conference that educates thousands of emergency managers from around the world.  In addition to working with Warnick and Associates, Jeanette founded and operates Be Alert Consulting which helps non-profit organizations (primarily houses of worship) be aware of their risks and to create business continuity plans. While she has extensive experience with large retail stores, her passion is in preparing houses of worship for disasters.

James (Jim) O'Neill BSc. (Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery Consultant)

Jim is an Air National Guard Veteran. He has over 50 years of experience in public safety including fire, EMS, emergency management and a 911 dispatcher. Jim has worked for the Boston Ambulance Service, Boston EMS, Suwanee County Fire District, multiple fire departments, and most recently for FEMA. In the majority of these roles he served in a leadership position.


In his role with FEMA, Jim filled various positions including Task Force Commander, Division Commander, Lead Field Inspector, Community Relations Specialist, Re certification Advisor and Applicant Services Program Specialist. He has been a responder to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Superstorm Sandy, the 2015 Oklahoma Floods, the Boston Marathon, and many other major events. He is a former fire chief and he maintains his National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification. Jim has an honorary BSc. in Emergency Management and holds over 80 certifications in emergency management. He brings real world experience and a wealth of knowledge to Warnick and Associates.

Robert (Rob) Berra BSc. (Business Continuity & Emergency Management Consultant)

Rob Berra has a BSc. in Public Safety with a specialization in Emergency Management. He is a Business Continuity Consultant for Wells Fargo's Dealer Services division. He is well versed in large and small project business continuity. He is also a certified instructor for FEMA's Community Emergency Response Team and holds numerous FEMA certifications. He is also a member of the Minnesota Infragard which is a public-private partnership between businesses and the FBI with a goal of sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States. Rob is an avid study of emergency management and business continuity and disaster preparedness and response for disabled children. He brings a multitude of life experience to every job he does.

Timothy (Tim) Barton (Fire Safety Consultant/Agricultural Emergency Management)

Tim is a United States Marine Corp veteran with over 17 years in the fire service. He specializes in fire prevention, fire education, and fire safety inspection In addition to his expertise in fire related issues, Tim has extensive experience in agriculture inspections, agricultural preparedness, and agricultural mitigation measures that can keep the general public safe. He has taken numerous USDA inspection classes and received certifications in meat and poultry inspection as well as worked in field. Tim also is extremely knowledgeable in firearms and firearm safety.

Dennis Reavis (Emergency Communications/Emergency Management Consultant

 Bio coming soon

Tyler Sitzer (Fire Safety Consultant)

Tyler is a United States Army veteran. Bio coming

Others to be added soon